We’re incredibly proud of our heritage and achievements. Hundreds of thousands of households have benefited from Edward Guinness’s original donation – and we continue with his vision of providing affordable homes.

A changing environment

In many ways, Edward Guinness’s vision is more relevant than ever.

We know we live in challenging financial times and badly need more homes. Our customer profile is changing as we’re housing and providing services to a broader mix of people than ever before, but the majority of our current customers are those in most housing need, not able to buy or rent on the open market. Some of our housing customers, and many of our care customers, are older, vulnerable or struggling to cope with a difficult economic climate.

And while we’ve adapted it, our vision and direction for the next chapter in our history remains the same. We’re here to improve people’s lives – by providing as many high-quality new homes and the best service for our customers as possible.

We have every reason to feel optimistic and confident about our future. We are in one of the most exciting periods in the history of Guinness. Over the last year we have:

  • Completed delivery of 2,700 new homes – one of the largest Affordable Homes programmes in the country.
  • Created an opportunity to build even more homes by raising £150 million finance through a capital market issue.
  • Reshaped our organisation based on functions rather than geography – putting us in the best position to improve our services to our customers.

Invested more than ever in our people to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and the determination to shape our future.

What does the future hold?

The scale of our ambition and commitment is second to none. We’ve set some clear goals for the next three years and beyond. We want to:

  • be one of the best service providers in the housing and care sectors
  • be one of the best employers in the country
  • remain a major developer of much needed new homes.

To achieve this, we’re focused on three strategic priorities:

Great Service

Making sure every customer has a great experience of Guinness; that we are easy and convenient to deal with, reliable and consistent.

Great Homes

Delivering more new affordable homes by increasing our surpluses to build them, and becoming more efficient in our work.

A Great Place to Work

Providing the environment, tools and learning opportunities that ensure our people fulfil their potential and have a real sense of achievement in their work.

We’re in a really strong position. Our anniversary provides us with an opportunity to re-state what we’re here to do and re-connect with our roots. Times have changed, but whatever our future holds, we are about our customers, current and future.

We’re celebrating a real milestone in Guinness’s history – and looking forward to continuing the Guinness legacy long into the future.

Celebrating our 125th anniversary

In 2015 we celebrated 125 years of providing quality homes and services for our customers. And we celebrated this occasion in a number of ways with our staff and customers.

As well as publishing our digital archives on this website, we: